Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Small Town

Jess Ford in Pullman and Palouse Falls Brewery……….Thank you for your support!
I have two great companies that believe in what I am doing and helping support me in this endeavor. That’s the best part about being in a small town is the community and how it comes together.

Palouse Falls Brewery is the VERY FIRST brewery in Pullman,WA. and owned by Jeff and Linda Greene. They have amazing brews and a great Wednesday night running group called the Beer Chasers who get in their run TO enjoy a cold brew after and just have a good time!!!  Check them out at
Jess Ford is the most recent supporter with the # 1 dealership in town!  After telling Jim Jess my story it didn’t take more than a few seconds for Jess Fords to express excitement in taking part.  I am so excited to have them on board! Check them out at
I also have my family who are supporting me every step, my Pullman Family the Farewells, and of course my coach and Sandy, who all I feel so thankful for each and every day

Training Update
I’m just plugging away each day and having a blast doing it! Coach Sloan and I are so spot on and  this makes  training extremely productive and fun.  I joined in on the team fall training run, as coach Sloan says at the beginning “ This is not a race, but it’s a race”. It is a 3 mile run/race that ends with 800m of a straight climb….testing your insides aka what you got!  I had a great mental run today, I didn’t not settle or give in at any point and really mentally simulated it as an 800m race. Today and yesterday were total Satori days for me! Again if you don’t know that word…..GOOGLE IT;)
I do have one complaint to get off my chest, and I know T your are beyond sick of hearing me complain about this, BUT please Pullman Farmers can you please hurry up on burning the fields!!!!!!!! Please I can’t take much longer of these allergies aka most annoying thing EVER. It’s wearing me out!! OK I’m done GOOD NIGHT!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A view from the couch

A view from the couch
The track and field World Championships have been airing the past week.  My normal pattern is best described as avoidance, because I usually turn away to any major meet, news article, website, or magazine to avoid any feelings that might arise. I could be called a professional at suppressing feelings if there were such a thing (good things there isn’t!)  Right now is a very different moment…because I have FINALLY put myself in the place I need to be so I can look at it all in such a different light. With that said it is so hard watching from the couch!!!! 
This is an make a choice of looking at the glass half empty or half full.  Observing the glass half empty I will have a pity party for myself for not being  at the World Championships in Deagu.  Don’t get me wrong those feelings 100% entered my mind frame, but I turned it into a glass half full…………same cup;).  I visualized myself there with my hands on the line in the starting blocks, staring down the runway with the confidence saying yep…time to fly, and gutting out that 800 with the other girls fighting for a spot.  It was actually kind of fun feeling and seeing such vivid images as if I were actually there. All of this is being bottled up for this year of training….the energy I need to grunt through the tough days( actually good thing I had it in reserve, needed a little drop today).
The first couple of weeks back have been great with coach, we are very much on the same page which creates an ease at being here and ultimately reaching our goals. There is a lot of work, and with that can come anxiety, but trusting what you are doing everything will come.  It has been so much fun out at practice, I haven’t enjoyed it like this in I don’t know how long!!
Yesterday marked the first day of fall training here and I felt great….I’m in the best stamina shape going into this than I ever have ….so more than anything it is a test of the will & mind.  Bring it!! Hahaha you can tell I recently finished practice because I am kind of on that runner high.
Today was a little bit tougher…..I have been hitting it pretty hard so my body was not shy in letting me know it felt it today. That’s the name of the game and many more days like that to come…..aka lots of ice baths!
Hope all are well and thanks for reading!!!

Lastly I would like to give a shout out to the USA Multis Trey,Ashton, Ryan, Hyleas, and Sharon.....Represent!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Breakfast of Champions

 Power French Toast
So I have to toot my horn a little bit, because I made an awesome breakfast!  I have been eating oatmeal or egg whites most mornings and decided I needed to change it up a bit and it wasn't only delish but quick, easy, and most importantly a complete meal.  

I had some sprouted bread in the fridge that probably would have hung out there until it was moldy. I soaked it in 100 % egg whites and a dash of vanilla until the bread was nice and saturated.  I cooked the bread until it was golden brown and topped with frozen mixed berries for a punch of antioxidants, chia seeds for healthy fats, and sprinkled on some protein powder for a little twist on texture and to increase the protein in my meal.  Oh and I cant forget a little dash of cinnamon to top it off.

It was great fuel for my workout today which consisted of a total body lift. Getting Strong!

Here is a link to learn more about the power food the chia seed :  (copy and paste)
*pictured without seeds and protein..looks a little more appealing for the photo:)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Well I finally made it!  My car was shipped to Portland so I spent the week with Katie Miller while it was making its way here. We had an absolute blast together and it was a great week before the hard core training begins.
We cooked great meals, had kick butt workouts, and other adventures like a very humbling bike ride….called the Bridge Pedal.  Let me just say……the girl on the mountain bike with a marshmallow rainbow  helmet is not as good on a bike as she thought she was in the first ¼ of the ride……. Wink wink.
I made my way to Pullman from Portland and what a beautiful drive! Being away from the northwest for so long makes you truly appreciate the beauty of it.  I took my time and stopped to soak in the views as I went, and blasted the country tunes the whole way thinking about the year ahead.
The two most amazing people are giving me a home for the next year and I call them my Pullman family.  George and Debra aka Georgey and Coachie could not make me feel any more comfortable, I’ve never been in someone else's home that has made it feel like my own:)These two are a huge part of making this happen and I could not be more grateful!!!!!!
So I’m all settled and went out to the track with coach and it was 85 degrees, a few sweeping clouds, and fresh air that you just can’t get enough of……a PERFECT DAY. I kept  taking in deep long  inhalations reflecting on what has brought me here and to this point in my life and how I had the strength to make this decision to come “back home” after the years of the internal tug of war. I kept getting the full body rush of excitement that I’m here ready to get to work in the place that I belong!
So coach and I are just getting reacquainted on the track talking about how we are going to take on this year in the unique way it has come about and could not be more on the same page. So today was an awesome start to this new chapter.
To those who know me well know what a foodie I am so I have to mention this.  In Austin I was caught numerous times a week wandering through the aisle of the downtown whole foods and not going to lie was pretty disappointed that I was going to be without that here in the little town of Pullman .   Well in the neighboring town of Moscow Idaho I came across the Moscow food coop which is just a little baby version!! Yes I have my food spot….live music on Tuesdays, fresh seafood market on Fridays, and SAMPLES! I’m a self proclaimed sample addict so this was a must.
Ok, now that I have rambled about that  I have to share my homemade dinner of fresh sauteed veggies of kale, green beans, peppers, red cabbage, sprouts and seared scallops( all from the coop of course;)). Capped the day off reading a little bit more of BORN TO RUN…about three pages T;) before I was ready to crash.
Today was a SATORI day. If you do not know this word Google it……this is what I try to achieve (such a daily challenge) and live my life by and hope all of you are as well! Hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks for checking in. Ill report back next weekend on my full first week in! Comment back about something fun and different your doing this weekend, I would love to hear!!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Later Gater

I had a great weekend of workouts and working out others!  I realized how lucky I am to have such amazing supporters of family and friends; it makes me feel so incredibly grateful and fuels my tank that much more.
I begin my journey tomorrow to my place of training and to my one and only coach.  I cannot wait, but do feel a little sad leaving my favorite city in the world….Austin!!!! Austin is such an amazing place to live and love calling it home……..but this place will be right here waiting for me when I am done.
Since I returned from my visit to Washington I have had great workouts and feel like I am in amazing shape at this point in the game.  With that said I might be humbled fast by the grueling workouts in the near future. These workouts will test you deep in your core and even time will tell. I will take pictures of places we train so you have a sweet little imagine when I describe my physical and mental state………..hehe.
Tonight I’m spending the evening with Juls making a yummy stir fry consisting of veggies and shrimp with a little teriyaki marinade YUM! Then I’m off!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

To now....

Welcome to my blog!   I have had a very unique journey to this point and know more than anything that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!
I want to share with you what it will take for me to make my mission come true.  I purposely labeled this year as a mission because it is not a dream, wish, or hope.  This year is called a mission because as my coach always says it’s taking on the DAILY GRIND.   I will do everything in my control to complete this mission I’m on and cannot wait to share everything from workouts, diet, feelings (good & bad) with you. I also gladly welcome any comments, advice, motivation, and maybe your mission for the year!
As some of you know I have been through a lot of change the past several years. I have just felt in my gut some things just haven’t been right. I have challenged it and actively searching  for it but finally took control, and rinsed away everyone else’s thoughts and am fully doing what I want this next year.  Getting back to what I love.  The love of what I did was sucked out of me and with a bit of time away this love has blossomed into a whole different kind of beast:)
When I’m out on the track, hill, stairs, or weight room right now I feel this newly found level of “beast” running through every inch of my body. This will make for some productive daily grinds!
I’m ready to share this with you from here on out….let s roll!!!!!!!
Happy Sunday