Sunday, July 31, 2011

To now....

Welcome to my blog!   I have had a very unique journey to this point and know more than anything that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!
I want to share with you what it will take for me to make my mission come true.  I purposely labeled this year as a mission because it is not a dream, wish, or hope.  This year is called a mission because as my coach always says it’s taking on the DAILY GRIND.   I will do everything in my control to complete this mission I’m on and cannot wait to share everything from workouts, diet, feelings (good & bad) with you. I also gladly welcome any comments, advice, motivation, and maybe your mission for the year!
As some of you know I have been through a lot of change the past several years. I have just felt in my gut some things just haven’t been right. I have challenged it and actively searching  for it but finally took control, and rinsed away everyone else’s thoughts and am fully doing what I want this next year.  Getting back to what I love.  The love of what I did was sucked out of me and with a bit of time away this love has blossomed into a whole different kind of beast:)
When I’m out on the track, hill, stairs, or weight room right now I feel this newly found level of “beast” running through every inch of my body. This will make for some productive daily grinds!
I’m ready to share this with you from here on out….let s roll!!!!!!!
Happy Sunday