Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Small Town

Jess Ford in Pullman and Palouse Falls Brewery……….Thank you for your support!
I have two great companies that believe in what I am doing and helping support me in this endeavor. That’s the best part about being in a small town is the community and how it comes together.

Palouse Falls Brewery is the VERY FIRST brewery in Pullman,WA. and owned by Jeff and Linda Greene. They have amazing brews and a great Wednesday night running group called the Beer Chasers who get in their run TO enjoy a cold brew after and just have a good time!!!  Check them out at
Jess Ford is the most recent supporter with the # 1 dealership in town!  After telling Jim Jess my story it didn’t take more than a few seconds for Jess Fords to express excitement in taking part.  I am so excited to have them on board! Check them out at
I also have my family who are supporting me every step, my Pullman Family the Farewells, and of course my coach and Sandy, who all I feel so thankful for each and every day

Training Update
I’m just plugging away each day and having a blast doing it! Coach Sloan and I are so spot on and  this makes  training extremely productive and fun.  I joined in on the team fall training run, as coach Sloan says at the beginning “ This is not a race, but it’s a race”. It is a 3 mile run/race that ends with 800m of a straight climb….testing your insides aka what you got!  I had a great mental run today, I didn’t not settle or give in at any point and really mentally simulated it as an 800m race. Today and yesterday were total Satori days for me! Again if you don’t know that word…..GOOGLE IT;)
I do have one complaint to get off my chest, and I know T your are beyond sick of hearing me complain about this, BUT please Pullman Farmers can you please hurry up on burning the fields!!!!!!!! Please I can’t take much longer of these allergies aka most annoying thing EVER. It’s wearing me out!! OK I’m done GOOD NIGHT!