Sunday, August 7, 2011

Later Gater

I had a great weekend of workouts and working out others!  I realized how lucky I am to have such amazing supporters of family and friends; it makes me feel so incredibly grateful and fuels my tank that much more.
I begin my journey tomorrow to my place of training and to my one and only coach.  I cannot wait, but do feel a little sad leaving my favorite city in the world….Austin!!!! Austin is such an amazing place to live and love calling it home……..but this place will be right here waiting for me when I am done.
Since I returned from my visit to Washington I have had great workouts and feel like I am in amazing shape at this point in the game.  With that said I might be humbled fast by the grueling workouts in the near future. These workouts will test you deep in your core and even time will tell. I will take pictures of places we train so you have a sweet little imagine when I describe my physical and mental state………..hehe.
Tonight I’m spending the evening with Juls making a yummy stir fry consisting of veggies and shrimp with a little teriyaki marinade YUM! Then I’m off!!!!!!!!!

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