Friday, August 19, 2011

Well I finally made it!  My car was shipped to Portland so I spent the week with Katie Miller while it was making its way here. We had an absolute blast together and it was a great week before the hard core training begins.
We cooked great meals, had kick butt workouts, and other adventures like a very humbling bike ride….called the Bridge Pedal.  Let me just say……the girl on the mountain bike with a marshmallow rainbow  helmet is not as good on a bike as she thought she was in the first ¼ of the ride……. Wink wink.
I made my way to Pullman from Portland and what a beautiful drive! Being away from the northwest for so long makes you truly appreciate the beauty of it.  I took my time and stopped to soak in the views as I went, and blasted the country tunes the whole way thinking about the year ahead.
The two most amazing people are giving me a home for the next year and I call them my Pullman family.  George and Debra aka Georgey and Coachie could not make me feel any more comfortable, I’ve never been in someone else's home that has made it feel like my own:)These two are a huge part of making this happen and I could not be more grateful!!!!!!
So I’m all settled and went out to the track with coach and it was 85 degrees, a few sweeping clouds, and fresh air that you just can’t get enough of……a PERFECT DAY. I kept  taking in deep long  inhalations reflecting on what has brought me here and to this point in my life and how I had the strength to make this decision to come “back home” after the years of the internal tug of war. I kept getting the full body rush of excitement that I’m here ready to get to work in the place that I belong!
So coach and I are just getting reacquainted on the track talking about how we are going to take on this year in the unique way it has come about and could not be more on the same page. So today was an awesome start to this new chapter.
To those who know me well know what a foodie I am so I have to mention this.  In Austin I was caught numerous times a week wandering through the aisle of the downtown whole foods and not going to lie was pretty disappointed that I was going to be without that here in the little town of Pullman .   Well in the neighboring town of Moscow Idaho I came across the Moscow food coop which is just a little baby version!! Yes I have my food spot….live music on Tuesdays, fresh seafood market on Fridays, and SAMPLES! I’m a self proclaimed sample addict so this was a must.
Ok, now that I have rambled about that  I have to share my homemade dinner of fresh sauteed veggies of kale, green beans, peppers, red cabbage, sprouts and seared scallops( all from the coop of course;)). Capped the day off reading a little bit more of BORN TO RUN…about three pages T;) before I was ready to crash.
Today was a SATORI day. If you do not know this word Google it……this is what I try to achieve (such a daily challenge) and live my life by and hope all of you are as well! Hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks for checking in. Ill report back next weekend on my full first week in! Comment back about something fun and different your doing this weekend, I would love to hear!!!!!!

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