Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A view from the couch

A view from the couch
The track and field World Championships have been airing the past week.  My normal pattern is best described as avoidance, because I usually turn away to any major meet, news article, website, or magazine to avoid any feelings that might arise. I could be called a professional at suppressing feelings if there were such a thing (good things there isn’t!)  Right now is a very different moment…because I have FINALLY put myself in the place I need to be so I can look at it all in such a different light. With that said it is so hard watching from the couch!!!! 
This is an make a choice of looking at the glass half empty or half full.  Observing the glass half empty I will have a pity party for myself for not being  at the World Championships in Deagu.  Don’t get me wrong those feelings 100% entered my mind frame, but I turned it into a glass half full…………same cup;).  I visualized myself there with my hands on the line in the starting blocks, staring down the runway with the confidence saying yep…time to fly, and gutting out that 800 with the other girls fighting for a spot.  It was actually kind of fun feeling and seeing such vivid images as if I were actually there. All of this is being bottled up for this year of training….the energy I need to grunt through the tough days( actually good thing I had it in reserve, needed a little drop today).
The first couple of weeks back have been great with coach, we are very much on the same page which creates an ease at being here and ultimately reaching our goals. There is a lot of work, and with that can come anxiety, but trusting what you are doing everything will come.  It has been so much fun out at practice, I haven’t enjoyed it like this in I don’t know how long!!
Yesterday marked the first day of fall training here and I felt great….I’m in the best stamina shape going into this than I ever have ….so more than anything it is a test of the will & mind.  Bring it!! Hahaha you can tell I recently finished practice because I am kind of on that runner high.
Today was a little bit tougher…..I have been hitting it pretty hard so my body was not shy in letting me know it felt it today. That’s the name of the game and many more days like that to come…..aka lots of ice baths!
Hope all are well and thanks for reading!!!

Lastly I would like to give a shout out to the USA Multis Trey,Ashton, Ryan, Hyleas, and Sharon.....Represent!

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  1. Thinking of you here in Daegu, and missing your insights in the mixed zone!